Notes on installing Tomcat on Linux

1. Installation Notes

Logged in as root I unpacked Tomcat into/usr/local/, then created a link from tomcat to the jakarta-tomcat-4.1.x directory.

As a normal user, to run your own Tomcat instance do the following:

  1. Choose a directory in your personal space to run your Tomcat instance. I chose /home/jurn/tomcat. Create this directory.

  2. Copy the following directories from the shared tomcat instance to your local directory.

    bash-2.05a$ cd /usr/local/tomcat
              bash-2.05a$ cp -R conf/ logs/ webapps/ work/ temp/ /home/jurn/tomcat/
  3. Setup the following environment variables:

    1. CATALINA_HOME. This should be set to /usr/local/tomcat

    2. CATALINA_BASE. This should be set to /home/jurn/tomcat

    3. JAVA_HOME. This should be set to your favourite java installation.

    4. JAVA_OPTS. jvm opts

2. Running

You can now use /usr/local/tomcat/bin/ to start tomcat, and /usr/local/tomcat/bin/ to shutdown tomcat.

3. Tomcat Manager

Usually installed in /manager/html

You should edit conf/tomcat-users.xml before starting this. Make sure you add a user with the role 'manager'.

4. Links