Magicmonster's Database Coding and Naming Conventions


This is a summary of the coding and naming conventions that we use when designing databases.

Coding Conventions

  • Keywords should all be in CAPITALS, while table names and field names should all be lowercase.

  • SELECT statements should be written to utilise VIEWS, instead of using base tables. This provides a level of encapsulation.

  • Stored procedures should be used instead of directly inserting into base tables. This also provides a level of encapsulation.

Naming Conventions

Script Naming Conventions

Scripts should start with 'cr_' for create scripts.

Table Naming Conventions

  • Underscores should be used instead of spaces.

  • Table names should be plural.

e.g. invoice_lines, users, items

View Naming Conventions

  • Views should end with '_v'

e.g. users_v, invoices_v

Published: Monday, 12 April 2004