PERL - Practical Extraction and Report Language

This is a scripting language that can accomplish all kinds of neat things. The official website is .

Before you go ahead a write a new program in Perl, checkout the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network . Hundreds of modules are freely available for Perl to integrate with different APIs, and very rarely would you need to develop a new one. The CPAN Frequently Asked Questions contains quick answers to many general questions about modules.


Methods or functions in perl can be done using the sub keyword

sub print_hello {
  print "hello\n";

After defining the subroutine you can call it using print_hello()

To pass a parameter you can use shift


sub dump_stats {
	my $hour=shift;

The the local var $hour, will have the value of 11.

String matching

Use =~ to test if a pattern matches a string variable.

     if ($foo =~ /bar/) {
       print "The variable foo matches bar";