Subversion Properties

Subversion can maintain extra info against a file or directory in the way of properties, this doesn't affect the contents of the file, but can have an effect on the file locally.

1. Editing properties

Use svn command line to either delete, edit, get, list all properties, or set a property on a file or a directory

 propdel (pdel, pd)
 propedit (pedit, pe)
 propget (pget, pg)
 proplist (plist, pl)
 propset (pset, ps)

2. svn:eol-style

This is end of line style in text files. It must be one of 'native', 'LF', 'CR', or 'CRLF'

For unix, use "LF". For DOS/Windows, user "CRLF".

This is useful if you're writing shell scripts for unix but you are editing the file on Windows.

3. svn:keywords

This is for keyword expansion. e.g. if you set Revision as part of the value, then $Revision $ will be automatically expanded in the source code by your editor.

4. svn:ignore

Set this on a directory so it will ignore changes and not try to add certain files.