MySQL Installation

Published: Wednesday, 10 March 2004

At time of writing, the current version is 3.23.58

Microsoft Windows

Visit the website at and download the binary distribution for Windows.

Be sure to browse through their installation instructions, quick setup instructions are below.

Registering as a Service

Open a command prompt.

Change directory into the bin directory of your mysql directory.

Then enter the following command:

mysqld-nt --install-manual

This will install it as a service. If everything is okay you will get some feedback

L:\mysql\bin>mysqld-nt --install-manual
Service successfully installed.


Change directory into the MySQL install directory.

Copy the file my-small.cnf to my.cnf by issuing the following command:

copy my-small.cnf my.cnf

You should see some feedback:

L:\mysql>copy my-small.cnf my.cnf
1 file(s) copied.

Edit the configuration file my.cnf that was just created using your text editor or Notepad.

Go to the section mysqld, then add the following option:


Also check that basedir and datadir point to somewhere in your installation directory.

Save this file, then copy the file my.cnf to C:\my.cnf using the following command: copy my.cnf C:\my.cnf

You should see some feedback:

L:\mysql>copy my.cnf C:\my.cnf
1 file(s) copied.

The MySQL installation is now ready to be started.

Starting and Stopping

To start and stop mysql you may use net start mysql and net stop mysql from any directory:

C:\>net start mysql
The MySql service is starting.
The MySql service was started successfully.

C:\>net stop mysql
The MySql service is stopping.
The MySql service was stopped successfully.