Published: Saturday, 10 April 2010

Official help

Use info sudo and info sudoers

Configuration and usage

Login as root and edit the file /etc/sudoers, it should already exist

Comment out the following lines, these keep prompting the user for a password. Make sure both lines are commented out.

# Defaults targetpw   # ask for the password of the target user i.e. root
# ALL   ALL=(ALL) ALL   # WARNING! Only use this together with 'Defaults targetpw'!

To enable a user to run something as root, add a line such as

jurn  turtle=NOPASSWD: /opt/vpnc-nortel/

This will enable user “jurn” to run the /opt/vpnc-nortel/ on the machine called turtle

e.g. For jurn to gain access to the above, prefix the command with sudo:

jurn@turtle:~> sudo /opt/vpnc-nortel/

Any usages of sudo, authorized or not, will be logged in /var/log/messages