Published: Thursday, 12 March 2015

node.js is a Javascript engine. It includes npm as a package manager. It can be used a server-side engine, or used only at build time,


Linux Ubuntu

On Ubuntu, as root, install the nodejs and npm package via apt-get

# apt-get install nodejs npm

Alternatively download and unpack in /opt. After this, users should add it to their PATH.


Download the Windows Installer and install everything.

npm - node package manager

Individual users can install packages into their home directories. e.g. to install bower module, run

$ npm install bower

To find out where the binary is installed run

$ npm bin

Add this directory to your PATH


npm ERR! cb() never called!

To work around this, clear the cache and try again

$ npm cache clear



bower is a package manager you can use with a web project.

Run bower init in your project directory. A bower.json file will be created that describes the project and dependencies. Next you can add dependencies such as Polymer

$ bower install --save Polymer/polymer

When you run this, dependencies are downloaded to the directory bower_components. Then bower.json will be updated with the new dependency.

The bower_components directory should be marked as ignored in version control and should not be checked in.


grunt is a build tool.