Moving the pagefile in Windows Vista

How to move the pagefile in Microsoft Windows Vista.

Published: Sunday, 12 February 2012

I purchased a solid state drive, and the pagefile used for virtual memory is the first thing I wanted to move. This is the swap file for windows.

Navigate to Settings -> Control Panel -> System.

Then go to Advanced System settings on the left hand Tasks menu. The System Properties window should appear.

System Properties

Click Advanced -> Settings, then the Performance Options windows should appear.

Performance options

Click Advanced -> Virtual Memory -> Change…

The Virtual Memory settings should appear. If you know your SSD you can move the pagefile.

I moved my pagefile from my E: drive to my faster H: SSD drive

Virtual Memory, before

Virtual Memory, after

You have to click Set on each drive to change it. After you click OK you will need to restart before the new settings will take effect.