AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild

Published: Saturday, 2 April 2022

AWS CodeBuild

This service is responsible for building a project. An example of this is building a Docker image and pushing it to a docker registry.


Logs can be configured to use either CloudWatch (default) or S3.

Source input

If AWS CodePipeline is providing source input it will be accessed via S3. Ensure the CodeBuild project has permission to download the source code from the S3 bucket.

Build environment

The following options are available when configuring a build

  • The docker image used when executing a build
    • Linux and Windows images are available.
  • compute type
  • privilege flag, it must be set to true for building docker containers.


A buildspec.yml file defines the steps required to perform a build. The default location is /buildspec.yml of the source code. This can be overridden if required, so you can have specific builds for different configurations.