AWS CodeStar

AWS CodeStar

Published: Friday, 1 April 2022

AWS CodeStar

AWS CodeStar allows the setup of a project environment. This includes user management, git hosting, development, build and deployment of applications.

CodeStar Connections

For source code hosted in GitHub or Bitbucket Cloud, AWS can be granted access using a CodeStar connection.

Setting up a CodeStar connection into Bitbucket cloud.

1. Create the resource (e.g. via Terraform)


resource "aws_codestarconnections_connection" "example" {
  name          = "example"
  provider_type = "Bitbucket"


resource "aws_codestarconnections_connection" "github" {
  name          = "github"
  provider_type = "GitHub"

2. Approve the connection

This has to be done once. Login to the AWS console then navigate to

  1. Services-> Developer Tools -> CodePipeline
  2. Settings -> Connections
  3. The connection should have status Pending.
  4. Click the radio, then Update pending connection. A window should appear.
  5. Grant access to the BitBucket workspace to AWS CodeStar.
  6. Check that AWS CodeStar has appeared as installed app in the BitBucket workspace.
  7. Check that the connection now has status Available

For GitHub, it will be granted access to the Organization. Navigate to the orgnisation -> Settings -> GitHub Apps -> AWS Connector for GitHub -> Configure -> Repository access

Configure the repositories that should be available to AWS codestar.